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All About M.o.T.s

Everyone loves a good t-shirt. Jews, too. As M.o.T.s (Members of the Tribe, i.e. Jews. That includes you.) we wanted something that was Jewish, funny, smart, and pretty darn cool. Starting with a line of bold graphic tees, M.o.T.s makes Jewish t-shirts, buttons, and more. Founded in late 2006, M.o.T.s is headquartered in Los Angeles (home of the short sleeves in winter) and looking to branch out. Enjoy our M.o.T.s. They are yafeh me'od.

Social Action

M.oT.s is dedicated to social action. In accordance with Jewish tradition, we pledge 10% of all proceeds to tzedakah. Every so often, we choose a different organization to give to. This time around, the organization is Mazon, A Jewish Response to Hunger. Past organizations and local programs include American Jewish World Service, USC Hillel, and Shalhevet School's Israel Action Committee. Your midot are showing.

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