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How do I buy a shirt?

You can buy one directly from us on this website. PayPal handles our online payments, and you can pay via credit card or PayPal. You can also find our shirts on AllThingsJewish.com. We love selling shirts at youth group events and Jewish conventions, and you can buy from us in person there. We often show up at Jewlicious and college Hillel and Israel events in Southern California.

How do you ship them?

Shirts are sent via USPS Priority Mail, which takes 1-3 business days, depending on how far you live from Los Angeles. Orders are generally shipped next business day. Shipping for one shirt costs $6, 2-8 shirts is $11, and more than that is $16.

Who designs the shirts?

We do. All shirts, buttons, and graphics were designed by us.

What kind of shirts are they?

The shirts are either 100% cotton or a 50/50 cotton/poly blend.

Can you make a shirt for me?

Yes. We make custom styles of existing shirts and commissioned designs for organizations. Go to the Custom M.o.T.s section for more details.

Will you come to our event?

We'd love to, but generally only if it's not too far from LA.

Are the shirts sold in stores?

They have been, and if there's a store that's interested we'd love to work something out.

How are you guys so awesome?

It's tough, but we do it.

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